Monday, August 22, 2016

What is this tapping all about?

Stress runs high in a classroom, especially when the demands are high for both teacher and student.  Not all the demands come externally, most come from within.     When you are stressed beyond a reasonable level, one can not think clearly, not work at your potential and your confidence is diminished.    Tapping is a simple but effective practice, that any one can do.  It calms the body and mind and allows you to release the limiting beliefs and events from the past that throw the body/mind into a panic or frozen state.  

It looks a little crazy but it works wonders.    By tapping on the body and repeating phrases one can feel a sense of peace and move forward, with more confidence and less stress.    Tapping is used in may scenarios,  from trauma (earthquakes, natural and man made disasters) situations,  PTSS, to sport training to classroom confidence and test taking.

Til Schilling a pioneer in EFT in the Classroom tells an interesting and informative story.  (video links included on this EFT Universe website)

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