Friday, August 12, 2016

The First Day of School ..So much to do

It seems like there is a long list of tasks that one must complete in order to be prepared for the day.   Checking off  every item on the list is more of a challenge for some then it is for others.   There is no question that one must be prepared no matter what position you hold, but what stops you from completing those tasks…is it apathy, poor time management,  rebellion or perhaps fear?   You probably have no clear idea of what is holding you back.   You may feel stuck, unmotivated or even spend time beating yourself up and letting those negative messages begin to play in your head.   Stop, Tap* and change the channel (stop the negative thought, you do have that power) to a more proactive thought.  Then ask yourself these two questions:
Is that task really necessary? If it is not, cross it off the list. Maybe it didn’t really belong there anyway.
What is the worst that can happen when I complete the task?   I know this may seem like a counterproductive question but something is stopping you and this particular question will get to the root of the problem.
*TAP- gently tap on the center of your chest, about 5 inches below your collarbone.

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