Tuesday, November 8, 2016

So Much to Do

You have undoubtedly said this to yourself, if not once, many times.  The expectations you have for yourself are high, yet there doesn’t seem to be enough time to get things done.     Two words for you:

Priority (what do you value most)  and Delegate.

Let’s talk “priority” first.   The question you must ask yourself is “What is important to me, what are my values?”  I know you may be thinking “WHAT is She talking about?” just listen for a moment- That which is most important to you is reflected in everything you do, the quality and the amount of time it takes you to complete… So go ahead and answer the question.   What do you value?  What is important to you?  Make a list and then prioritize the list.  Put a circle around your top 3 values.  VALUES ARE NOT THINGS BY THE WAY.. THEY ARE CONCEPTS/WAY OF LIFE GUIDELINES.  For example perhaps you value the concept of family, integrity, and/or honesty. 

Now make a second list—this is the list of all your activities for the day..get really specific..I mean everything.  Write it down and add the (approximate) length of time it takes you to do each task.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Clutter "Step out of your classroom"

Have you noticed what your classroom looks like?  No really, I know you are in the room all the time, but have you really looked at it lately?  A huge part of student success has to do consistency, modeling and organization.  Stand in the doorway of your classroom and scan the room slowly.  You are looking for purpose and ease of use here.  (Good time to Tap)
  • Have you designated specific areas as sources of information?  How do those spots look now?
  • Are there clutter spots in the room? Don’t forget to look at your personal  work areas.
  • Are the materials posted on the walls up to date? Easy to see or read? Supportive of the material you are covering now?
Now go stand in the back of the room, and scan the room again.   You are looking for purpose and ease of use.    Sit in one of the students seats, what do you (they) see?
Is is time to de-clutter?
Classroom management begins with organization and maintaining it.  Just found this blog site with great ideas  http://www.nerdynerdynerdy.com/2012/08/my-classroom-tour.html

Monday, October 3, 2016

Leave Clues – information should not be a secret

Create a wall of information based on past lessons.  Whether it’s visual, images, words, formulas, sayings, quotes or video that allow your student’s to use that information for assistance with today’s lesson. Consider it a visual cue to trigger thought and processing.  Make the area clutter free.   In my foods classes, I had demonstrations on power points so the kids could go to the computer and watch as needed.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Out of the mouths of the kids

Tapping is working in Schools

 Watch this great video.   Pacific Grove Schools, CA 

Adults: "kids are functioning as a class,  more focus, collaboration,  ready to learn....."

"Makes me a better student"  "become better together"

Monday, August 22, 2016

What is this tapping all about?

Stress runs high in a classroom, especially when the demands are high for both teacher and student.  Not all the demands come externally, most come from within.     When you are stressed beyond a reasonable level, one can not think clearly, not work at your potential and your confidence is diminished.    Tapping is a simple but effective practice, that any one can do.  It calms the body and mind and allows you to release the limiting beliefs and events from the past that throw the body/mind into a panic or frozen state.  

It looks a little crazy but it works wonders.    By tapping on the body and repeating phrases one can feel a sense of peace and move forward, with more confidence and less stress.    Tapping is used in may scenarios,  from trauma (earthquakes, natural and man made disasters) situations,  PTSS, to sport training to classroom confidence and test taking.

Til Schilling a pioneer in EFT in the Classroom tells an interesting and informative story.  (video links included on this EFT Universe website)

Learn more about tapping   www.tapforteachers.com

Friday, August 12, 2016

The First Day of School ..So much to do

It seems like there is a long list of tasks that one must complete in order to be prepared for the day.   Checking off  every item on the list is more of a challenge for some then it is for others.   There is no question that one must be prepared no matter what position you hold, but what stops you from completing those tasks…is it apathy, poor time management,  rebellion or perhaps fear?   You probably have no clear idea of what is holding you back.   You may feel stuck, unmotivated or even spend time beating yourself up and letting those negative messages begin to play in your head.   Stop, Tap* and change the channel (stop the negative thought, you do have that power) to a more proactive thought.  Then ask yourself these two questions:
Is that task really necessary? If it is not, cross it off the list. Maybe it didn’t really belong there anyway.
What is the worst that can happen when I complete the task?   I know this may seem like a counterproductive question but something is stopping you and this particular question will get to the root of the problem.
*TAP- gently tap on the center of your chest, about 5 inches below your collarbone.