Thursday, October 27, 2016

Clutter "Step out of your classroom"

Have you noticed what your classroom looks like?  No really, I know you are in the room all the time, but have you really looked at it lately?  A huge part of student success has to do consistency, modeling and organization.  Stand in the doorway of your classroom and scan the room slowly.  You are looking for purpose and ease of use here.  (Good time to Tap)
  • Have you designated specific areas as sources of information?  How do those spots look now?
  • Are there clutter spots in the room? Don’t forget to look at your personal  work areas.
  • Are the materials posted on the walls up to date? Easy to see or read? Supportive of the material you are covering now?
Now go stand in the back of the room, and scan the room again.   You are looking for purpose and ease of use.    Sit in one of the students seats, what do you (they) see?
Is is time to de-clutter?
Classroom management begins with organization and maintaining it.  Just found this blog site with great ideas

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